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The Lord's Prayer

around the world

During the fall of 2014, during a pilgrimage between Nazareth and Bethlehem, I experienced the calling of discovering the Lord's Prayer in new ways, and from deeper and global perspectives.

I felt an urge to recite "Jesus prayer" in more languages than my mother tongue (Swedish), and to make it more accessible to myself and others through music. 


Jesus disciples asked Jesus how they should pray, according to Luke (Luke 11:2). But why? Didn't they know already how to do that?

Of course they did. They were brought up in a strong Jewish environment with a very characteristic praying culture. But for them, Jesus was a new teacher, and they searched for a new way to pray, according to his teaching.

The church of today is so diverse - often scattered in pieces, and also sometimes full of conflicts between traditions and denominations. Is the Lord's Prayer one of the remaining elements from early Christianity that still may glue Christians - yes, people - together, beyond borders of traditions and denominations? 

I started to compose these songs in 2014, and new songs still continue to grow. The album "Our Father" was released in December 2017. The music is available on this website, and on Spotify, iTunes, etc. If you want to buy a solid copy with a rich booklet, etc, feel free to contact me!

Eva Kunda Neidek


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